1. Opportunity Connections offers help for people with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible while working and enjoying acitivities in their own communities.  Let's work together to discover opportunities and make memories!


Opportunity Connection provides group home living, day support facilities, and daily living support for people with developmental disabilities.
Our organization offers a wide variety of services such as employment placement services, training, and employment awareness.
We help individuals to become a more active part of the community and make connections outside of the home and workplace.

The Latest


  1. "What an honor to do work with people who have a vision, the passion, and drive to see it come to fruition in those we serve everyday."

    Donna Jones, Job Coach, PR
    "I help people do more with their time than I do with my own time, and I have zero regrets."

    Clinton Whitbeck, DSA Employee
    "I like talking to people. Paint pictures. Lots of beautiful art. I like to paint."

    David Cox, Client

  2. "I like to make money. I like going to Art Connect."

    Jerry Hinton, Client
    "I like to keep myself busy. I like going out to places."

    Terry Bolton, Client
    "I like the gallery. People can come in and see all the talent we have."

    Debi Jo Fish, Client

  3. "What else could I do that would make me smile everyday?"

    Deb Ponath, DSA Site Manager
    "I like our art class and I like visiting and talking with everyone."

    Lisa Woodside, Client
    "Best job I've ever had! I love what we do."

    Erica Holt, DSA Employee