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Residential Services

Opportunity Connections works with individuals to live more independently through Support Living services, assisting those living on their own in a variety of tasks such as paying bills, going to medical appointments, and shopping for groceries.

We operate five group residences in the Gorge area, providing safe and stable environments for disabled individuals to call home. There, they are assisted by 24-hour staff with any number of needs and services.

Employment Services


At Opportunity Connections, we believe there is a job for everyone and that everyone can work. One of our missions is to help individuals with disabilities find the job they want in their own community. With person-centered planning, we work to discover an individual's interests and aptitudes so that they can find the type of employment they want.

Day Community Service


Another great avenue for people we work with is our community service. Monday through Friday, folks go to various places in the community to learn valuable skills, and take part in a variety of activities. We strongly believe in community and that those we work with are an important part of theirs.

How Do I Get Started?


You can get a referral from an agency such as Center for Living, Support Services Brokerage, or Vocational Rehabilitation. Opportunity Connections also accepts private pay.

To get in touch with someone and talk about your options, call 541-386-3520.